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New Homeowners: Don't Forget About All The Little Expenses

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When saving up for your first home, it is easy to focus on the large expenses, such as a deposit and closing costs that you will need. However, it is just as much about the little expenses as well. Here are some little expenses, in comparison to the cost of purchasing your first home, that you need to budget for as well. 

#1 Yard Supplies

If you purchased a home with a sizable front or back yard, it is now your responsibility to maintain it. A well-maintained yard contributes to the overall look and feel of not just your home, but your neighborhood. It is a courtesy you owe your neighbors, as well as yourself, to take care of your yard.

You are going to need to purchase a lawn mover to cut your yard with. To keep your yard looking nice, you are also going to need to fertilize it a couple of times a year, so you will also need to purchase a fertilizer spreader. For the fall time, you will need to purchase either a rake or a leaf blower to deal with all the leaves. 

To take care of the shrubs in your yard, you are going to need some basic clippers so you can trim them back and keep them well maintained.

These are just the most basic yard supplies you will need. If you want to plant flowers or a garden, or change anything about your landscaping, you will need to invest more into your yard.

#2 Necessary Household Furnishings

When you move into a new house, you may not have all the supplies that you need from your previous homes. Even if you don't go and splurge on new furniture for every room in your house, you are still going to need to purchase some items for your house.

To start with, you will most likely want to purchase rugs for all of your entry ways so that people can wipe off their shoes before they enter your home. You may have other areas in your home that also need rugs. 

Next, if you have more bathrooms than you had before, you will need to purchase hand towels, soap dispensers, rugs and accessories for your new bathroom. You may also need to purchase towel racks and toilet paper racks. 

If you don't have any window treatments, you will also need to invest in either blinds or curtains for your home as well. Even if you keep most of the furniture that you already have, there will most likely still be little things you need to purchase for your new home as well. 

Make sure that you add room in your budget for lawn care and necessary little household accessories and furnishings that you will need to make your home comfortable. Those small expenses add up quickly, so it helps to plan ahead for them. 

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