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5 Tips For Choosing A Vacation Rental

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You have a dream vacation in mind, and you plan to spend a little time there getting to know the locale. Perhaps you're traveling with a large group or with pets. Whatever the reason, staying in a vacation rental makes more sense than a hotel. However, not all vacation rentals are created equal. Pay attention to the rental details so you can fully enjoy your vacation.

List Your Priorities

Before even looking at properties, make a list of what you need in a vacation rental. If you're traveling with kids, you need a family-friendly spot. Elderly or disabled travel companions necessitate special access to the property. Likewise, if you're bringing pets, you'll only be looking for properties that accept animals. Keep in mind other details, too, such as kitchen facilities. There's no sense in falling in love with a property if it doesn't meet your requirements.

Look For Properties With Necessary Amenities

No matter your personal requirements, certain amenities are necessary. For example, in this age of smartphones and tablets, you'll almost certainly want strong and free wi-fi on the property. Since you're choosing a rental over a hotel, it's likely you want at least the essential kitchen facilities, such as a stove and refrigerator. If you're driving, a parking place is necessary. Otherwise, the property must be close to public transportation. Likewise, keep in mind the property's proximity to other necessities, such as a grocery store or café for morning coffee.

Choose Popular Areas

When you're looking at vacation rentals, you'll probably notice that there are concentrated areas in certain spots. These areas are popular for a reason. Usually, they're close to the best tourist attractions or the public transportation that will take your there. Likewise, as ABC News points out, the prevalence of a lot of rental properties usually keeps the prices competitive.

Study The Photos

The photos accompanying rental properties are going to be beautiful. Don't be bedazzled—study them with a critical eye. Watch out for sweeping panoramas and odd angles that might be trying to hide flaws. Match the property's claims with what it shows in the photos. Whenever possible, look for user-generated or agency-generated pictures to complement those taken by the owner.

Read The Reviews

Before you commit to a property, read all the reviews. Now, almost every property is going to have a few bad reviews—people will even blame a property for things such as bad weather. However, pay attention to red flags such as noise complaints, poor service, and broken promises. These reviews will help you decide which property is best going to facilitate your fabulous vacation.

By paying attention to a few details, you'll choose a vacation property that feels like your home away from home—or even better.