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4 Tips For Finding A Good Vacation Rental Home

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Unless you have time to spare to check out a vacation rental, you have to trust the home's owner to accurately represent the home for rent you're looking at. Unfortunately, not all rentals work out and that can lead to a disastrous vacation. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect vacation home for you and your family this summer.

Start Early

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when looking for a vacation rental is to wait until the last minute to find one. If you start your search early, you have more options available to you and you have more time to investigate the property and its owner. 

Start searching for a home at least three months before summer comes. Remember, summer is a peak season and there are lots of other families searching. 

Look for a Managed Property

Focus on finding a vacation home that is managed. If you are dealing with a rental property that is managed by a property management company or has a resident manager, you have the reassurance of knowing that, regardless of the problem, it will be handled in a timely fashion.

Property management companies and resident managers usually have professionals, such as plumbers and electricians, who are readily available to make repairs. 

Video Conference With the Owner

Once you have a list of possibilities, contact each owner and ask for a video conference. There are several video conferencing apps that are available to use for free. 

A video conference not only gives you the opportunity to get an assessment of the honesty of the owner, but you can take a virtual tour of the vacation home. You can ask questions about the property during the conference. 

Check the Local Laws

Some cities have enacted laws that place restrictions on vacation rental properties. If you are found to be illegally living in a residence, you could find yourself in the middle of a legal dispute between the owner and the city. 

After you find out the local laws concerning rentals, contact the owner and ensure that he or she is in compliance with the laws. If not, you need to assess whether or not to continue your search or allow the owner time to get in compliance. 

There are many other ways that you can protect yourself when renting a vacation home. Consult with a realtor, such as those at ABA Rental Properties Inc, to find out which methods would work specifically in your situation.