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The Happy House: Selecting A Home When You Suffer From Depression

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If you suffer from depression and you tend to have episodes where you feel down or have trouble continuing with your everyday life, you know how this can impact your quality of life. One of the best changes that you can make that will impact your mental happiness is relocating. If you are in the middle of a big city, you should look for a live work block that has a lot of businesses and homes on the same street. Here is how selecting a mixed-use development can increase your happiness and stomp out your depression. 

Ease of walking and getting around

If you live in a condo, townhome, or small house in a mixed-use community, you can easily get to a grocery store. When you have to deal with depression, a long car ride or even having to drive for longer than five minutes can be daunting. In a live-work community that has several stores, you can get to the grocery store with a short stroll. Walking and exercising in general near businesses that you frequent can help to lift your mood when you are a little down. Getting to appointments or finding fast food and restaurant delivery will also be simple and easy when you are feeling too tired due to your depression or antidepressant medication. 

More places to meet people

Holing yourself up inside of your home is common for some who are dealing with a depressive episode. If you tend to do this but you need to get out, a mixed-use neighborhood can change your life. With restaurants just down the block from your home, you can meet people every night of the week. You can even become a friend of the staff who work at the locations if you are a regular. Community rooms and community centers are also common in mixed-use developments, which make it easy to find an event and meet-ups that you may like to join. Finding new friends and weekly events can increase your quality of life due to having a better support system and friendships with those who can encourage a healthy mentality.

City light exposure

Sometimes a little light can perk up your mood. If you tend to get depressed during certain months or when the weather is bad and sunlight is at a minimum, lights can be great for fighting depression. While you are participating in light therapy, the city can help. Step onto your balcony or go onto your porch and look at the lights and sounds of the city. Being exposed to the moving lights of the city can decrease your ability to sit around in darkness and can be a part of an environmental cheer up. 

If you are thinking of moving, it's a good idea to check out homes for sale in a mixed-use development for these reasons.