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Do You Stream Games As Your Full-Time Job? Make Sure To Buy A Home That Fits Your Needs

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The Internet is constantly growing and new opportunities are always arising. Streaming games is something that some people do for fun, but you may have turned it into your profession. This job of yours likely requires you to commit to certain work schedules to ensure your fan base can always watch you. When you have enough money saved and you have built your brand enough to comfortably buy a house, you should think about what it is that you need in a home that will allow you to continue growing.

Make Gigabit Internet a Priority

One of the most important parts of streaming is your Internet connection. If you have a small data cap, you can run into major issues by getting charged extra fees or having your service turned off. So, not only do you want to prioritize a location that has a service provider without a data cap, but you should aim for Gigabit Internet because it will give you excellent speeds that you can use in multiple ways. It will help you provide a smooth stream, upload videos quickly, and download new games in no time at all. Some cities to consider for buying a house with Gigabit Internet include Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Austin.

Close to Online Game Servers

Even with the best Internet connection, playing online games requires you to have a good latency to avoid stuttering gameplay. So, you will find it beneficial to buy a home near the game servers. Some popular cities for these servers include Dallas and Chicago, which make the above city options quite ideal. Being a few hundred miles away is good enough to get the low latency that you need for smooth gameplay.

Reasonable Electricity Costs

It is not required, but something you may want to consider is the cost of electricity. In July 2016, California charged 18.49 cents per kilowatt-hour, Texas charged 10.86, and Minnesota charged 13.20. As a full-time streamer, you are going to be spending most of the time you are working at home, on the computer, with your computer running at full power and your heating and cooling system on to keep your comfortable. When cost savings is a top priority, you can benefit from states with lower electricity costs.

Career streaming is yet to be seen because the option has only been out for so long. But, buying a home and putting yourself in a setting that helps you stream will maximize your chance of long-term success.