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The Right Way To Buy A Farm If You Have Never Farmed Before

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You might enjoy country living and have dreamed of owning your own farm for sale some day. It's possible you have lived in the city your whole life and now want to make a living from growing vegetables or perhaps raising cows or sheep. There is a right way to buy a farm and some things to think about before making the purchase to ensure you get the right piece of land for you.

Find a Farm Knowledgeable Agent

The majority of real estate agents will specialize to a point in certain types of real estate. For example, you will have agents who are more knowledgeable about condo buildings, larger estate homes and you will have agents who specialize in rural or farm land. In order to get the best land for your money, you need to employ a farm knowledgeable agent who understands the important facts you need to know about the land and/or the existing farm you are buying before presenting it to you.

Income Potential

When you buy a farm, one thing you must consider is how are you going to make your money. Will you sell your goods at a local market? Will you set up an on-site store during the summer or perhaps year round in which people can come and buy directly from you? Are you seeking out retailers to place your goods in their stores in towns or cities or potentially become a supplier for a food processor? These are all great ideas for good income potential, and where you buy your land or farm needs to be taken into consideration for this purpose.


When you buy a farm you must decide if you would like a turnkey type of purchase, or do you want to build your own infrastructure from scratch? Depending on which way you would like to go, you need to look at properties that best suit your needs. If you want existing buildings on the land already, then don't look at parcels of land that have none. This also includes fencing, irrigation pumps and water lines and even firewood storage.


One of the most important aspects you must take into consideration when buying land for a farm is the environment. This means, what is the soil like there? Is the soil rich and full of nutrients? If you plan on raising cattle, is there enough grazing grasses in a pasture to maintain a large herd? Is there a local water source your cattle can drink from or that you can draw from to water your crops? You must take a close look at this before making any purchase.