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Buying A Duplex With Plans To Rent One Side Out? 3 Tips For Making The Best Purchase

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Purchasing a duplex as your next home can be a fantastic idea since it gives you a home that you'll feel comfortable in and be able to make changes you couldn't do while renting, while also giving you an opportunity for extra income. If you're buying an entire duplex with the intention to rent out one side of the building, you'll need to take special care during the home hunting process.

Knowing what to look for when it comes to renting out a property can help significantly in making it easier to be a good property manager, as well as cut down on potential issues that could make renting out the property more difficult for you. 

Look for Clearly Divided Yards

One of the benefits of a duplex compared to an apartment or condo is that they likely have yards that can be used for everything from a patio to a play space for kids. If you're looking at a lot of condos that have yards, it's a good idea to stick with condos that have their own divided yard space.

Whether this means there is fencing installed in the yard or the division is clearly marked with paving or landscaping, this can ensure that each side of the duplex has their own semi-private space to spend time outdoors without bothering the other. This is especially important if either resident has pets or kids that will be using the yard.

Make Sure Each Side Has Its Own Parking

Parking on the street can be frustrating and lead to arguments if only one side of the duplex gets its own dedicated parking. An easy way to avoid this is to look for homes that have two garages or driveway parking spaces and assigning each side. This can allow both you and the renter to have their own parking spots and prevent any fighting over having somewhere to park their cars.

Ensure That the Walls Don't Allow Noise Through

Another benefit that many people enjoy while living in a duplex compared to an apartment is having only one shared wall. While sharing a wall only in the center of the building can be much quieter than sharing walls on each side in an apartment, noise can still travel to each side. An easy way to combat this is to look for homes with a thick middle wall that doesn't transfer noise.

Taking your time when visiting duplex homes for sale can ensure that you pick a place that will be easy to rent out. While the selection of duplexes won't be as large as condos or traditional homes, the above features can make all the difference as a new property manager. Speak with a real estate agent for more advice.