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Security Features That Can Make You Feel Safe In A Gated Community

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When you're thinking about wanting to buy a gated community home, you likely have a couple different things in mind — privacy and safety. Where safety is concerned, gated communities commonly have a variety of security features that can make you feel confident in keeping your family safe. While you still might wish to pursue getting a home security system and employing other such tactics on your property, you can count on the community itself and the features that it offers to make you safe. Here are three security features that you'll find in a gated community.

Controlled Access

As its name indicates, a gated community actually uses gates to restrict access to the area to those who don't live in the community or those who aren't on a guest list. Gated communities often have just a few roads in and out, and these roads have guard houses and security personnel on duty. A physical gate across the road remains closed until a guard physically opens the gate. This can make you feel highly confident in your family's security, as you'll know that everyone you see in your neighborhood is legitimately supposed to be there.

Security Patrols

In gated communities, security personnel aren't just stationed at the access points. Rather, security officers will also perform regular patrols throughout your neighborhood, which is further of value when you want to feel secure. Patrols on foot, on bicycles, and even in small vehicles such as golf carts, as well as actual vehicles, provide a high-security presence in the area. This means that even if an unwanted individual were to somehow gain access to the gated community, the security staff would likely approach him or her quickly to determine who the person is and why he or she is there.

Fences And Cameras

Technically, any individual who might wish to enter a gated community without a vehicle may choose to do so away from the gates on the roads. However, it's not simply a matter of slipping through some shrubs into the community. Gated communities often have large fences around their perimeters. These fences are designed to be visually appealing, so you don't have to worry about this neighborhood looking as though it's in a prison, but the fences are also designed to keep unwanted people out. Additionally, there are security cameras mounted along the fences, and security personnel stationed nearby are constantly monitoring the feed from these cameras.