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Selling A House Where The Previous Owner Died? Follow These Tips

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Did you recently have a family member that passed away, and they left behind their home that needs to be taken care of? If so, you may be wondering what you have to do to get the home ready to sell. Here are some tips that you should follow to help you do it.

Start Purging

Chances are that there are a lot of things in the home that need to be thrown away. It is a good idea to treat the home like you were moving, and do a first pass of the belongings to figure out what needs to be purged.

Make piles of things that you think need to be thrown away because they are damaged or not in usable condition anymore. You should also have a pile of things that can be recycled since they have no real value anymore. For example, old magazines that are taking up space that nobody will ever read anymore. Pull out items that you want to donate, which may be difficult to sell, but still have value to somebody. This includes older clothing that is not currently in style anymore.

Hold An Estate Sale

With most of the junk gone, you can hold an estate sale to sell the items that have any value. You can either hire a company to host the estate sale for you or handle it on your own. Proceeds from the estate sale may be needed to settle any debts that the estate owes, or be profits that are split among the heirs that received the home in the will.

Hire A Real Estate Agent

Selling an older home can be a bit of a challenge, especially if the home looks outdated and out of shape. It will help to hire a real estate agent in your area to help with the sale for several reasons. They'll start by recommending notable upgrades that will make the home more marketable in your current real estate market, which help compete with other homes in the area and make it more appealing.

The other benefit of working with a real estate agent is helping price the home correctly. You likely do not have any concept about what the house will sell for, and a real estate agent can look up similar homes in the area that have recently sold and find out what a comparable price will be. This will prevent you from selling the house at a price that is too low and losing out on money or listing the price too high and not generating any interest in it.

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