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What To Expect From A Remote Online Realtor Notarization

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The purpose of a notary is to witness the signing of a public document. This is especially true with real estate documents because the sale of real estate property involves a large financial transaction and some real estate transactions are fraudulent. However, when viewed by a notary, fraud is rare. 

The Verification of Your ID

One of the reasons why fraud is less likely to occur with a real estate transaction is because a notary requires that the signer present an ID to verify who they are. Then, it's less likely that the individual signing the document is forging a signature and isn't who they say they are. Therefore, real estate documents will not be legally binding unless they are signed by a notary.

In-Person Vs. Remote Notary Services

In the past, notarization required that the notary and the signer be present in the same location. However, some states now allow for notarization to be carried out remotely using video conferencing software. However, you will still need to take steps to prove who you are. For example, you will need to show your face to be able to verify that you look the same as the individual on your ID. 

Inspecting the Paperwork

The notary will look at the document to determine what needs to be confirmed while performing the notarization. The certificate's wording needs to be reviewed to make sure that it conforms to the norms of your state.

Verifying Your Identity

There are various methods that a notary can use to verify your identity. They could personally know you. This is unlikely if you will be using an online realtor notarization service. They can ask for your ID and another form of identification such as a passport. They can also rely on a credible witness to identify you.

Protecting You from Identity Theft

The notary will protect you by making sure that you are signing the document of your own free will. They will also help you avoid becoming the victim of identity theft by preventing others from entering into contracts in your name.

Keeping Records

The notary service will record all notarizations. Therefore, if there are any issues with verifying that a document was supposed to be notarized, you will be able to refer to the journal entry. Some states do not require this, however, and you will want to verify that these types of records are correct.

To learn more about remote online realtor notarization, contact a service provider.